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Top Secret Bars & Speakeasies in Dallas-Fort Worth

Sometimes you want to hit up a sports bar. And sometimes you want something a little more elegant, a little more stylish, a little more intimate—and maybe even a little under-wraps.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area lays claim to some fabulous hidden-away cocktail lounges and speakeasy-style joints, and a luxurious room or suite at The Crescent Hotel makes a fine launchpad for exploring them. Indeed, we lay claim to our own exceptional watering holes…

Here’s a look at some of your options for classy mixology and unbeatable atmosphere on a Crescent getaway!

Dirty Laundry (1005 Foch Street, Fort Worth, TX)

This one-of-a-kind speakeasy is downright irresistible: Set within the facade of a West 7th District laundromat—within easy reach of The Crescent Fort Worth, mind you—it awaits behind the stack of “Out of Order” washing machines. Navigate your way past that delightful “front,” and Dirty Laundry’s expert bartenders will treat you to some of the most lip-smacking artisan cocktails around, with appropriate names such as the Fluff ‘n Fold, the Hot Iron, the Absolut-ly Filthy, and the Horned-Frog Wash.

AKAI (2330 Flora St., Suite 100, Dallas, TX)

Accessed via the kitchen of the Halls Art District restaurant Musume—notable, among other things, for the most extensive selection of Japanese whiskies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex—AKAI is a Japanese-style speakeasy serving up some excellent cocktails as well as high-rolling bottle service.

The Blackbird Society (2805 Main Street, Dallas, TX)

Seek out the bookshelf within the Deep Ellum neighborhood’s Neon Kitten sushi, dim-sum, and cocktail lounge, and you’ll sneak your way into the Blackbird Society, a reservation-only speakeasy with killer ambience, a thoughtful menu of small plates, and some knockout cocktails utilizing rare spirits and fresh, creative ingredients.

The Crescent Hotel’s Lounges & Bars

Among our several fine wining and dining establishments, the Circle Bar here at The Crescent Hotel ranks among the best new places to wet your whistle in Fort Worth. Seamlessly evolving from a morning espresso café into an evening cocktail lounge, the Circle Bar is a wonderful place to savor a drink or two in good company. It’s the true social hub of The Crescent Fort Worth, and a worthy counterpart to the bars and speakeasies we’ve profiled above.

Come join us for a cocktail, a glass of wine, or whatever other libation tickles your fancy at the Circle Bar in The Crescent Fort Worth, a luxury hotel offering premium accommodations at the crossroads of the Cultural District and Downtown Fort Worth!